PANS to unveil at CEATEC JAPAN 2011 Umiushi Smapho 2800 charger with built-in adaptors for Smartphones

PANS Ltd of Tokyo has unveiled at CEATEC JAPAN 2011 the Umiushi Smapho 2800, a rechargeable battery charger for iPhone and Android phones requiring no external cables or adaptors. The palm-size smartphone charger Umiushi Smapho 2800 comes with a battery capacity of 2,800mAh. Chargers currently available in today’s market mostly come with a bunch of adaptors and cables compatible with multiple mobile devices. Umiushi Smapho 2800 is a portable charger complete with three built-in adaptors—an iPhone/iPod dock connector, a micro USB adaptor for smartphones, and a USB plug for recharging, all built into one unit.The user can leave home without any extra cables or adaptors. The non-cable Umiushi Smapho 2800 charger can be used worldwide irrespective of voltage. It took one year for the company to plan, design, mold, and manufacture.

The Umiushi Smapho 2800 rechargeable battery charger is available in in three colors—fire red, pearl white and ocean blue. The unit has a LED meter capable of showing four levels of remaining battery power. It also comes with a fashionable leather strap accessory matching with its body color.