Pantech Unveils 5.3 Inch LTE Smartphone Vega R3 Operable with One Hand

Pantech held a media day event at M Stage near Gangnam Station in Seoul yesterday and introduced its strategy smartphone Vega R3 (model name: IM-A850S/ 850K/ 850L). Pantech’s Vega R3 is equipped with 3 powerful features: a 5.3” large screen operable with one hand and a quad-core CPU, a super battery pack allowing users extended use with peace of mind, and an IPS Pro LCD deploying naturally colored, bright and clear images. Despite having a large 5.3” screen, Vega R3 comes in a compact size which comfortably fits into one hand.

The Vega R3 is equipped with a CPU, GPU and RAM of the highest performance available. Quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 Pro features a 40% higher performance rate than the existing quad-core chip. The high performance of the CPU is backed by GPU ADRENO320 to ensure fast and smooth screen transitions. Furthermore, 2GB of RAM has been added to deploy a complete multitasking environment to execute multiple applications simultaneously.

The front side of the Vega R3 applies the dia-cutting technique, which is used in designing high-priced accessories like watches or rings to feature an overall strong and luxury image. Vega R3 features Sharp’s latest 5.3” (Natural) IPS Pro LCD that displays natural colors with brighter and clearer images. The 16:9 ratio HD (1280 X 720) resolution allows users to replay HD TV or movie contents in full screen without a black screen or image stretching. Vega R3 features the large 2,600mAh capacity battery first among Korean LTE smartphones.

Pantech has also enhanced the 13 million pixel camera it first introduced in July, first among all smartphones in Korea. Vega R3 also introduces innovative functions like ‘Best Face’, voice recognition, continuous recording, and tracking focus so that it can reliably substitute a regular digital camera.

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