Pantech VEGA Secret Note is world’s first phone with enhanced rear side fingerprint recognition and built-in pen

Pantech announced its innovative VEGA Secret Note (IM-A890S/K/L) at Seoul. The VEGA Secret Note’s advanced features include the world’s first built-in pen (V Pen) and enhanced rear side fingerprint recognition that is the world’s first LTE-A-supported function. The phone’s name Secret Note emphasizes its differentiating features. V Pen, a built-in capacitive touch pen makes the 6” large screen phone even more user-friendly. When users pulls out the V Pen, the ‘pen cover’ allows related applications such as Mini V Note and Test Action as well as user-specified applications to pop up for quick implementation. The Pop Note function allows users to write memos on the flip window while the smart flip cover remains closed when they pull out the V Pen.

Pantech also made advances with the rear touch function that allows users to operate the large screen phone with one hand. Users can answer the phone or tack pictures by pressing the Secret key located on the rear side of the phone. This optimized one-hand operability is available in various widgets, enabling users to move the cursor and execute functions using the rear touch function.
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