PQI Unveils its 1st Apple Peripheral – i-Power 105 Reserve Battery

PQI unveiled its first crossover Apple peripheral product: the i-Power 105 iPhone reserve battery. PQI i-Power 105 utilizes 4 crisp blue LED lights embedded on the One-Touch power symbol to indicate power capacity and charging progress. When the device is at 75%-100% power, all four blue LEDs are lit up, while 2 lights represents 25%-50% power, and so on. A single blue light indicates that the device has less than 25% power remaining. The i-Power 105 boasts high power capacity and a long battery life for extended use, such as while traveling for longer periods of time, to increase the iPhone’s maximum standby time up to 270 hours, talking time up to 5 hours, online time up to 8 hours, music playback time up to 27 continuous hours, and video playback time up to 9 continuous hours.

The i-Power 105 features a high performance 1050mAh lithium ion battery with an A-grade lithium polymer core constructed with fireproof materials, making it both economical and eco-friendly.To celebrate the release of the i-Power 105 onto the market, PQI has created a slim, form-fitting, and highly-protective case especially designed just for the iPhone 4, which is included free of charge in select products. With its mini-USB interface, the i-Power 105 conforms to iPhone specifications and reduces charging times to only 2.5-3.5 hours.