SAGEM my300C Mobile Phone

Spring means flowers are everywhere and the Sagem my300C, inspirationally adorned in romantic flowers, is part of the array. The Sagem my300C mobile phone comes in carefully-toned shades of green, blue and red… a summery palette of laid-back colors for that holiday feel. The slick-styled pebble phone boasts a host of stunning haute-couture details: a turquoise line set off against a black background, gentle flowers, or geometrical motifs…all guaranteed to please fans of bright, shimmering color ways.The SAGEM my300C is a straightforward, uncomplicated mobile phone. Compact at 79.2×43.5×21.7 mm, lightweight at only 80 g, it nestles snugly in the palm. Plus it’s smart enough to use a seamlessly-integrated light signal on the shell to discretely inform the owner of an incoming message. It also boasts a VGA camera with 4x zoom coupled with a 65K-color display.

The package is rounded off with WAP 2.0 – enabled internet browsing and text and multimedia messaging, and also Java game and comes with 3 Mb of onboard memory. The SAGEM my300C will be released in June 2007.