Samsung has no idea that the Samsung Galaxy Tab model girl has advertised for iPhone 4S also!

Samsung has created a stir among techies with ads that look like a deliberate provocation to Apple. A girl who advertises Apple’s iPhone 4S now also appears in an ad for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet PC. Samsung started advertising at home and abroad last month. In the Apple ad from last October, the iPhone 4S is used to take pictures of the same girl, which are then edited and transmitted. In the Samsung ad, the girl is seen using the gadget with her father. Apple fans, a particularly committed breed, accuse Samsung of copying not just Apple’s designs but even its advertising.

Models who have advertised products of certain companies are usually kept out of advertising for rival brands. But IT website Techie said that Samsung deliberately mocks Apple by implying that even Apple’s advertising models can be won over to Samsung products. Samsung denies it had any such intention. Samsung said the girl was selected in an audition by an overseas advertising firm and Samsung had no idea she had advertised Apple. It seems a worldwide legal battle between the two companies will continue this year also.

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