Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone wins the Best Device award at LTE World Summit 2011

Samsung SCH i510 4G LTE smartphone was named the Best Device at the LTE World Summit 2011 Awards Ceremony. This award comes in recognition of the Samsung SCH i510 4G LTE smartphone’s wide range of immersive features, seamless connectivity and elegant design. With super-fast 4G LTE connectivity – 20 times faster than with 3G – Samsung SCH i510 4G LTE smartphone enables users to easily and quickly download high quality content, such as HD videos and hi-res images, providing a more intuitive and immersive content experience. Pictures taken using the 8MP camera can be viewed with incredible clarity on the device’s 4.3” WVGA Super AMOLED+ screen, before sending these images on to friends and family by using the device’s high-speed connectivity.

Launched through Verizon in May 2011, the feature-packed Samsung SCH i510 4G LTE smartphone is set to make a significant impact on the 4G smartphone market; in addition to offering an immersive user experience, the device also offers unique and seamless network connectivity. When the user steps out of LTE coverage, they stay connected via EVDO network handover without needing to disconnect from LTE and reconnect to an EVDO network, meaning that they stay constantly connected.