Samsung CorbyTXT- message-centric mobile for heavy texters

The new Samsung CorbyTXT (B3210) is a message-centric mobile for heavy texters, delivering easy-to-use SMS and IM (Instant Messenger) features as well as intuitive social media uploading functionality. The CorbyTXT also offers a full QWERTY keyboard on the face of the phone. Quick launch buttons on the front of the handset provide fast access to key features including a music player, camera and messaging application. A 3.5mm earphone jack allows owners to use their own earphones and, like the original Samsung Corby, CorbyTXT comes with brightly-coloured fashion jackets and changeable battery covers including a simple black one and a second with a bold graphic design.

Samsung CorbyTXT (B3210) delivers the original Corby’s trademarks of bold colours, pop-style contours and a curved form factor. The Samsung CorbyTXT will be available in most European countries by the end of September.