Samsung Miniskirt phone standard equipment in select high-end Mercedes Benz vehicles sold in Korea

Samsung Electronics has joined hands with Mercedes-Benz to launch a joint promotional campaign for its “Miniskirt” phone (SCH-C220).Mercedes Benz will include a Samsung Miniskirt phone as standard equipment in select high-end vehicles sold in Korea, including the S-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class, E-Class, AMG and Roadster models. The Miniskirt phone can automatically connect with the telematics system of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles via Bluetooth technology. This feature allows drivers to talk on the phone using an onboard microphone and speakers.

The Miniskirt comes with Bluetooth technology, GPS (global-positioning system) navigation system (only for SKT and KTF users), and a 2.0 megapixel digital camera. The Miniskirt is a local version of the Samsung Ultra Edition 10.9. Last April, Samsung launched a joint campaign with Mercedes S-Class vehicles for its “Skin” phone (SCH-V890).