Samsung SGH-L760 Mobile Blog 3G Phone

070711.jpgSamsung Electronics will launch its Mobile Blog 3G Phone SGH-L760 in Europe this month which allows users to upload content directly to blog sites on the Internet. The new Samsung SGH-L760 Mobile Blog 3G Phone will meet the demands of the new generation of users who want to share their everyday life with others in real time. Available in metallic silver, the slide phone has a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth technology and operates in line with the UMTS technology (Europe‚Äôs 3G wireless technology). The mobile blog function’s speedy data transmission will distinguish SGH-L760 from other handsets.

The Samsung SGH-L760 is expected to further fuel the current boom in mobile Internet and user-created content services, as it can upload directly to popular UCC sites like YouTube, Ublog and Buzznet. The phone will debut in Germany and Spain this month and next hit the Southeast Asian market.