Samsung vows to block overseas sales of the new iPhone 4S

Apple on Tuesday unveiled the new iPhone 4S at a press junket at company headquarters in Cupertino, California, even as Samsung threatened to file for an injunction to prevent the launch in overseas courts. At present Samsung cannot specify the names of the countries and which courts they plan to file injunctions against Apple, as Samsung haven’t found out where the new iPhone 4S will be launched first . Samsung will file for injunctions to block sales of the new iPhone. Since Samsung is under enormous pressure from Apple’s patent suits in several countries, Samsung will not take the matter lightly.

According to Samsung, the current iPhone 4 infringed Samsung patents, and it believes that the new model iPhone 4S will do the same. Samsung will examine the new iPhone on Wednesday and apply for injunction application this week. On Sept. 26, Apple admitted in a Dutch court having used Samsung’s patented technology, adding it is impossible to make a mobile phone without it. Samsung does not plan to sue over the new iPhone in Korea as the firm believes bringing the legal battle to the home ground would damage the company’s image and reputation.