Sanyo eneloop stick booster- Handy Power Source for easy charging of mobile devices

The new addition to the Sanyo eneloop universe products is the eneloop stick booster- a stick-type Handy Power Source that can be taken anywhere for easy charging of mobile devices. With its USB port, KBC-D1AS- eneloop stick booster easily charges various mobile devices such as mobile phones, portable game units, and personal audio devices. Thanks to Sanyo’s output control technology, the KBC-D1AS can provide a steady charge to devices that require high current, such as the iPhone, by regulating the charge current sent to the device. The Handy Power Source has a slide switch to turn the charge output on and off, as desired.

The KBC-D1AS features a stick-type aluminum body design. With a diameter of less than two centimeters, and weighing just 76 grams with batteries installed, the slim and lightweight design makes it perfect in all kinds of situations such as business and pleasure trips, or commuting. The KBC-D1AS comes with two new eneloop batteries that can be recharged about 1,500 times. Sanyo eneloop stick booster will be launched in Japan only on December 1, 2009.