Seiko Develops 500ppi 3D Display for Mobile Phones

Seiko Epson has developed a 3D display that is targeted at mobile phones and can show high-resolution 3D images visible to the naked eye with no special glasses. To display 3D images, a special lens called “lenticular lens” is placed on pixels so that different images can be seen from different angles. A lenticular lens is composed of an array of many hog-backed convex lenses, each of which is as large as a few pixels.

The resolution of the display is about 500ppi and is one of the world’s highest resolutions of the direct-view-type displays that do not use projectors. Despite its small size (2.57 inch), the 3D display features a pixel count of 1024 × 768 (XGA). Seiko Epson plans to commercialize the display in two years.