Sharp and frog develops a new user interface for smartphones-Feel UX

Sharp and leading global design and innovation firm frog have collaborated in developing Feel UX, a new user interface for smartphones. This elegant user interface will be gradually adopted for use in Sharp’s new line of smartphones, beginning with models introduced in the summer of 2012. Feel UX features a beautiful design with simple icons and layout. It was developed with the aim of providing intuitive operability to both first-time and experienced users of smartphones.

The wallpaper for the lock screen—dubbed the Welcome Sheet in this interface—can be selected from up to five different types of images, including photos of travel scenes or family members. The main shortcut icons and current information are laid out so that they do not overlap the wallpaper. Users can launch the phone, e-mail, or camera functions; check received e-mails and missed calls; or get real-time updates on weather or stock prices—all while enjoying a photo-library experience with the wallpaper.

The 3-Line Home Screen allows users to organize information on three different screens: an Application Sheet, which displays application icons in a grid layout; a Widget Sheet featuring a user’s favorite widgets; and a Shortcut Sheet that provides short-cuts to popular functions. Users can switch between these three screens and quickly access the information or application they seek. In addition to launching Feel UX for the Japanese market, Sharp is also exploring its potential use in smartphones destined for international market

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