Sharp develops New Proximity Sensor with Integrated Ambient Light Sensor for mobile devices

Sharp has developed and will introduce the new GP2AP020A00F proximity sensor with integrated ambient light sensor. Ideal for use in smartphones and other mobile devices, it has the industry’s smallest package size (4.0 x 2.0 x 1.2 (H) mm) and is one of the best products in the industry for detecting extremely low levels of light. The Sharp GP2AP020A00F integrates a proximity sensor with a light sensor in a single component. By using a single chip solution for light-receiving components of light sensor and proximity sensor (compared to the two chips of the predecessor product), Sharp has achieved the industry’s smallest package size (approx. 16% less volume than the predecessor product). This offers more flexibility in designing the structure of mobile devices and allows them to be made smaller.

The Sharp GP2AP020A00F has a high-resolution digital signal processing circuit for improved light-receiving sensitivity and processing precision. The GP2AP020A00F can detect illuminance as low as 0.02 lux, one of the best light detection levels in the industry. Light sensor covers on the surface of mobile devices have normally been in colors with high light transmittance, but with this product, the cover can be the same color as the mobile device and still detect ambient light.