Sharp to launch the first solar-powered mobile phone for the overseas market

Sharp will commercialize a mobile phone equipped with a solar cell module for the Chinese market from this February. Sharp SH6230C will be the first solar-powered mobile phone by Sharp for the overseas markets. The SH6230C is equipped with advanced technology originally developed in Japan, including Sharp’s proprietary solar cell module, a large 2.9-inch LCD screen, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera. Given the increasing demand for the solar charging function, Sharp will bring the solar-powered mobile phones to the global markets.

Sharp will also introduce into the Chinese market two models (SH6220C and SH6228C) incorporating Memory LCD. The Memory LCD is a low-power-consuming display with high visibility under the daylight. The Memory LCD can display such information as the time and e-mail status at all times. Sharp introduced solar-powered mobile phones into the Japanese market in 2009.