SoftBank launches handsets for Japanese women who want to write email while bathing

SoftBank Japan, announced 12 handsets for the summer sales season on June 3, 2008. All 12 handsets support 1seg broadcasts. Eight models feature designs and display modes targeted at female users. SoftBank conducted a survey on functions that women were seeking. From the survey the request for waterproof function was higher than any other functions including 1seg and GPS as many women wanted to write email while bathing. Keeping this fact in mind SoftBank has launched two waterproof models targeting women. The two models launched are- Worlds slimmest 15.3mm-thick waterproof 1seg Premium Waterproof 824SH handset from Sharp and a large 3.0-inch display Panasonic Tropical 823P.
Other female oriented handsets included Sharp’s Pantone Slide 825SH slide handset, NEC Corp’s 821N, which features illumination on the back surface, Panasonic’s Mirror II 824P, which has a mirror panel on its back and Toshiba Corp’s “824T,” which is decorated with a special embossed print. In addition, the 821N GLA, a model made in collaboration with Kodansha Ltd’s Glamorous” magazine, and the new DM002SH for Disney Mobile were announced at the same time.

The models targeting men are the NEC 820N 11.7mm slim handset and Toshiba’s 823T which has textures bonded on both of its sides. High function model Panasonic 921P is a double open style handset that opens both lengthways and sideways and features 30fps mobile double speed 1seg rendering capability.