Sony launches Wireless Charging Cover and Wireless Charging Plate for Xperia Z2

Sony today announced the launching of two beautifully designed products, Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 and Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 for Xperia Z2. These two wireless products use the latest inductive ‘Qi’ (pronounced ’chee’) technology, allowing power to transfer from a transmission pad to a compatible receiver using electromagnetic induction.

Sony_Wireless Charging Cover WCR12Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is a premium flip/booklet style protective cover for Xperia Z2 that enables Xperia Z2 smartphone to be compatible with wireless Qi technology.This beautifully designed protective case not only further protects your Xperia Z2 from those objects in your pocket, but it also allows you to stand your phone at a convenient viewing angle on any desk or table, making internet browsing and watching videos much more comfortable.
Sony_Wireless Charging Plate WCH10Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 provides convenient wireless charging using the latest Qi technology. Producing 5W of power, this wireless charger refuels the battery of Xperia Z2, or any Qi compatible device, by simply placing it on the charging pad-all without any cables connecting to smartphone.

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