Sony Ericsson accessories put your phone at the heart of your music world

A deck of new accessories launched today by Sony Ericsson go further to make your mobile phone the centre of your music listening world. They all sport superior audio quality, stand-out design and simple operation, and between them have everything you need to turn your phone into the complete mobile music system. Three new music headsets, an FM Music Transmitter and a Music Desk Stand make up the range announced today.
Pair the Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS200 with your phone and enjoy your music in crystal clear stereo. Light enough to be worn without pulling on your ears; the headset receives music streamed from your phone using the latest Bluetooth technology. You can accept or reject calls and control your phone’s music player and never miss a call as the phone pauses music automatically the moment that a call comes in.
Sony Ericsson Stereo Portable Hands HPM-90 is the perfect partner for every day listening to music from your Walkman phone. Designed to complement the vibrant Walkman phone range, the attractive HPM-90 headset is immensely practical too, allowing you to see incoming calls as well as track information.
The funky Stereo Portable Hands free HPM-83 is designed for an active lifestyle with a strong, flexible neckband that gives good support and stability. It wraps behind your neck so won’t get in the way if you’re running or in the gym, and it also means you can wear just about any style of head gear at the same time. Stereo Portable Hands free HPM-83 comes in metallic silver and black finish to give a cool, premium look.

With the Sony Ericsson MMR-70 you can play the music stored on your phone through your radio speakers. You simply plug the MMR-70 into your phone, choose an available radio frequency and off you go – uninterrupted music of your choice. The MMR-70 works at a range of up to 10 meters (between the phone and the FM Radio), it remembers the last frequency used for easy reconnection and is light and small enough to tuck neatly into your pocket or the glove compartment of your car.
The Sony Ericsson Music Desk Stand charges your phone while it’s cradled and its unique rotating system connector fits all current Sony Ericsson phones. Designed to look great in any situation, with the MDS-65 you can easily make your phone your portable music jukebox.