Sony Ericsson R300 Radio and R306 deliver a credible radio-listening experience!

R306.jpgSony Ericsson today announced the launch of two new mobile phones, the R300 Radio and R306 Radio; both designed to deliver a credible radio-listening experience to a global audience, and ideally suited to emerging markets such as India. The Sony Ericsson R300 Radio and R306 Radio allow you to tune-in to your favorite music shows or sports reports, across both AM and FM broadcasts. TrackID comes as standard on both the R300 Radio and R306 Radio, turning listeners into instant music experts! The R300 Radio offers a built-in VGA camera and the R306 Radio boasts a step-up to a 1.3 megapixel camera on-board.
With the R300 Radio you can listen-in via the stereo headphones provided or ‘play it loud’ thanks to the high performance speaker integrated into the phone. Switch on 3D sound enhancement or volume boost with the dedicated Audio Enhancer key on the phone.The R306 Radio opens up into a clamshell with two integrated stereo speakers that face the listener. Again featuring the Audio Enhancer key, you can activate volume boost when listening to the radio through the speakers or 3D sound enhancement when you have the stereo headset plugged in.

Both Sony Ericsson R300 Radio and R306 Radio phones feature Bluetooth technology, allowing you to handle your phone calls hands free with optional accessories such as the Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV703.