Sony’s FeliCa/NFC technology implemented in Gemalto microSD cards

Sony together with world leader in digital security, have started to cooperate on the implementation of Sony’s FeliCa/NFC functionality in Gemalto microSD cards. By implementing Sony’s FeliCa/NFC technology in Gemalto’s microSD cards, the two companies intend to enable mobile handsets and smartphones to access various FeliCa/NFC contactless services, from e-money payment to transportation ticketing and personal identification. For access to multiple card services a FeliCa-compatible microSD card simply needs to be inserted into a mobile handset or smartphone followed by the installation of the FeliCa application for each card service on the microSD. This structure can be applied to all mobile handsets with a microSD slot, including non-NFC handsets.
Sony introduced FeliCa functionality in mobile handsets for the first time in 2004. Since then, FeliCa technology has achieved large-scale commercial adoption across transportation, e-money payment, and ID services in Japan and many other countries. Sony intends to accelerate the implementation of FeliCa/NFC in various secure elements, such as SIM and microSD cards, to expand the growth of easy-to-use mobile services using FeliCa across the global market.

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