STMicroelectronics announces World’s first 1/4-inch optical format 3-megapixel raw Bayer sensors with integrated EDoF capabilities

STMicroelectronics announced the World’s first 1/4-inch optical format, 3-megapixel raw Bayer sensors with integrated Extended-Depth-of-Field (EDoF) capabilities. The VD6853 and VD6803 are high-performance 3.15-megapixel CMOS image sensors with integrated EDoF. The unique combination of on-chip EDoF with ST’s most advanced 1.75 um pixel process results in excellent image quality at focus distances down to 15 cm, extending the camera’s in-focus range from ultra-short distance optical character recognition and bar-code reading to best infinity. ST’s new CMOS sensors also embed image enhancement filters, including 4-channel anti-vignette to balance uneven illumination or defect correction on the fly, which ensure optimum image quality and reduce tuning complexity. Enabling camera modules as small as 6.5 x 6.5mm, ST’s newest image sensors combine exceptional sharpness and user experience with size and cost benefits, offering a smart alternative to auto-focus camera solutions.

The sensors are available in ST’s TSV (Through Silicon Via) wafer-level package. This type of package enables the production of standard as well as wafer-level camera modules. The reflowable modules are soldered directly on the phone PCB (printed circuit board), which saves cost, space and time compared with the process of fixing traditional camera modules in the board socket. Engineering samples and demo-kits are available now, with the volume production scheduled for Q3 2009.