STMicroelectronics digital MEMS microphones enhance audio experience in mobile phones and portable computers

STMicroelectronics today introduced two new digital MEMS microphones. Combining superior sound quality with robustness and reliability at reduced size and cost, ST’s MP34DB01 and MP45DT02 microphones enable enhanced audio experience in mobile phones and portable computers, as well as in many other existing and emerging applications with a voice input. ST’s MP34DB01 microphone is the only device in the market with real high-fidelity audio bandwidth, delivering flat frequency response in the full audio band of 20–20,000 Hz, coupled with an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio (62 dB) and power-supply noise rejection (70 dB).Housed inside an ultra-small 3x4x1 mm package, the microphone has been specifically designed for mobile phones, with the acoustic port hole placed on the bottom of the package.

The MP45DT02 is a top-port 3.76 x 4.72 x 1.25mm device that ideally suits the size and sound-inlet position requirements of laptops and tablets. The microphone provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (58 dB) and superior frequency response to alternatives for that market. ST’s bottom-port MP34DB01 MEMS microphone is available for volume shipping and the top-port MP45DT02 microphone will start mass production in Q2 2011. Unit pricing for both devices is $1.4 in quantities of 1000 pieces.