STMicroelectronics offers World’s Smallest and Most Accurate Location-Placing Solution

STMicroelectronics today announced a complete hardware solution for advanced sensing applications with 10 degrees of freedom (DoF). A set of three thin, high-performance MEMS sensors provides accurate and comprehensive information on linear, angular and magnetic motion together with altitude readings, enabling enhanced navigation and smarter user interface in mobile phones and other portable consumer devices. By using just three ST MEMS sensors – a geo-magnetic module, a gyroscope, and a pressure sensor – a consumer device can have a complete indication of its linear acceleration, angular velocity, earth gravity, heading and altitude.

With this information, mobile users will be able to identify their direction and precise location in all three dimensions everywhere they go, including in places with no or low GPS signal, such as inside buildings in urban canyons or in mountainous and forested terrain. Housed inside an ultra-small 4 x 4 x 1mm package, the L3G4200D 3-axis digital gyroscope provides state-of–the-art performance in terms of output accuracy and stability over temperature and time.