STMicroelectronics Opens Way to reduce the environmental burden of millions of battery chargers

ESDA8V-1MX2.jpgSupporting objectives to reduce the number of battery chargers discarded with portable devices such as cellphone handsets, GPS receivers, and personal media players, STMicroelectronics has introduced an improved smaller-dimension circuit-protection device to enable safer use of universal chargers. ST’s new ESDA8V2-1MX2 has 55% smaller footprint, measuring just 1.0 x 1.45mm, thereby realizing space savings for designers to implement extra functions or to further miniaturize the end product. The protection device also has a thinner profile of 0.55mm, compared to 0.7mm or 1.0mm for typical alternative devices.

Another benefit is a 50% reduction in leakage current, which reduces drain on the battery for improved performance and longer recharge intervals. The ESDA8V2-1MX2 from STMicroelectronics is available immediately in sample quantities or for full production, priced at $0.11 for 10,000 pieces.