STMicroelectronics STLC2690 single-chip Integrated with Bluetooth and FM-Radio Transceiver System

STMicroelectronics today introduced its 4th-generation Bluetooth /FM Radio combo solution, which meets the demanding integration and cost requirements of the cellular phone market. By combining Bluetooth wireless personal-area-network functionality with an FM radio transceiver in a single 65nm chip, the STLC2690 offers leading-edge integration and performance. This combination of features and functionality saves space and costs for manufacturers of portable products, while delivering to consumers stereo FM R(B)DS reception (RX) direct to their Bluetooth headsets. The fully integrated short range FM R(B)DS transmitter (TX) allows users to enjoy stored music content on any in-car or home FM radio tuner and delivers increased versatility to the mobile device.

The new STLC2690 comes in a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package with a 0.4mm pitch. STLC2690 samples are already being evaluated by several leading handset manufacturers and volume mass production is scheduled for the second half of 2008.