Tessera unveils wafer-level camera technology for mobile phones

OptiML WLC is a new wafer-level camera technology designed to significantly advance the integration of miniaturized cameras in mobile phones, personal computers, security cameras, and other electronics. Tessera’s OptiML WLC technology makes it possible for cameras to be manufactured at the wafer level, drastically reducing the size and total bill of material cost of camera modules. Tessera’s OptiML WLC technology can be used for a wide range of camera phone applications, and is designed to scale to multi-mega pixel resolutions. Reflow compatible materials are used to build the lenses. The result is a camera module that can be mounted directly onto the phone board using the same reflow process used to assemble other electronics.

Assembly through reflow results in lower labor cost, part count and cycle time when incorporating the camera into the phone. Tessera is a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry. Tessera’s technologies are widely adopted in high-growth markets, including consumer, computing, communications, medical and defense electronics.