The Palm Foleo mobile companion

With its stunning 10-inch wide color screen (supports either 1024-by-600 or 1024-by-768 resolution) and full-size keyboard, the Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your Smartphone to help you do more on the go and turns your Smartphone into a genius. Unfold it, press a button, and it’s on instantly—while just one touch brings your email to the big screen. Use your Palm Foleo to view attachments, type longer emails, or to get a bigger look at web pages and photos you’d normally view on your Smartphone. And with up to five hours of battery life packed into such a compact design, you’ll do big things wherever you go.

If you like your Smartphone, you’ll love the Palm Foleo mobile companion. It connects wirelessly with your device to let you read and write longer emails and view attachments with ease. You can edit and create Word and Excel compatible docs, view PDFs, and deliver PowerPoint presentations, all on its stunning 10-inch wide color screen. Plus, open and view photos you receive from friends and family. You can download a .jpg, .png, or .gif file, and view it on the stunning 10-inch color screen. Photos look sharp, clear, and true to life. The Palm Foleo mobile companion will be available this summer at special introductory $499 price.