Toshiba FlashAir App makes transfer of photos or files stored on the FlashAir card to an Android device easily and conveniently

Toshiba has created and is distributing an application that simplifies and enhances wireless data transfers between smartphones and FlashAir , the SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality. The app makes wireless connections between Android devices and the Card easier and quicker to execute. A list of files and folders stored on the card are displayed and they can be downloaded selectively or as a batch. The app, FlashAir , is currently available free of charge for Android devices through Google Play and an iOS version is scheduled for launch in spring next year.

Flash Air is an SDHC Memory Card that incorporates a wireless LAN chip set plus antenna for wireless communications. The Card supports wireless sharing and transfers of photos from digital cameras to smartphones and tablets. Flash Air was launched in Japan in March this year.

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