Uljin Display to Commercialize Nano Projector

Iljin Display of South Korea would embark on mass production of super small projectors allowing the display of video images stored in mobile handsets with a maximum size of 20-inch from September. Last year the company developed its Nano Projector that enables users to project video images from mobile handsets on a wall by incorporating Single LCD Panel technology. Iljin Display recently signed an agreement with SK Telecom for an exclusive commercialization of Nano Projectors. Under the deal, the Korean vendor will commence mass production of Nano Projector for use in SK Telecom mobile phones from September, and SK Telecom will receive the products to sell them at home and abroad.

Iljin Display aims to embark on commercialization of built-in Nano Projectors by the end of the year, after kicking off volume production of separate-type Nano Projectors.