Wireless Data Usage among smartphone users in South Korea surges over 100-fold after iPhone launch

Monthly usage of wireless data among smartphone users in South Korea surged over 100-fold during the first two months following the iPhone’s launch in Korea. KT, South Korea’s second-largest mobile carrier, released the iPhone on Dec.1 through an exclusive contract with Apple. Its sales surpassed the 400,000-unit mark last week. According to KT, wireless data usage among KT smartphone users jumped significantly as the iPhone users are more prone to access the Web and download data with their smartphones than feature phone users.

The monthly average usage of wireless data stood at 50 million megabytes in December and January, up 122-fold from the monthly average between January and November. The average wireless data usage per person also increased 10-fold over the cited period. More than 50 percent of iPhone users log on to the Apple App Store to download applications, which offer features beyond built-in functions.