ATH-EM700Ti &ATH-EM700 ear phones from Audio Technica Corporation

The new ATH-EM700Ti/ ATH-EM700 clip on ear phones from Audio Technica Corporation offers ultra Stylish design with a light weight stick body and superior tone. Model “ATH-EM700Ti” features titanium housing for lightweight durability and model “ATH-EM700”features high quality rigid aluminum alloy body design. 28 mm Diameter Driver delivers deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity, yet remains small enough to fit inside your ear. Both ear phones have Neodymium magnet for maximum energy in minimum size; Neodymium is far more powerful than conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets. With high frequency response of 14Hz~24 kHz, 32Ω impedance the ear phone sounds excellent with iPods, portables, computers and home audio electronics and is available in black and silver colors

autech_2.jpgThe 3.5mm stereo Gold-plated mini-plug offers exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity; low noise. While model ATH-EM700Ti weighs 29g, costs approximately 17,325 Yen, model ATH-EM700 weighs 25g and costs approximately 12,600 Yen. The ear phones will be available from July 21st.