Audi-technica compact battery powered active speaker system for iPod/ MP3 players

audio.jpgAudio-technica has launched compact battery powered active speaker system for iPod and MP3 players. The Audio-technica AT-SP250 speaker system is available in three colors-red, white and black. The player can be placed between the left and right speakers and the system becomes one piece. Also the player can be placed flat on the battery chamber so as the system becomes a flat music system. The speaker with 1.5 W × 2ch out put is powered by 4 AAA batteries. Fresh alkaline batteries can last for approximately 25 hrs.

Audio-technica AT-SP250 speaker system measures 160 × 86 × 86mm when opened, 124 × 28 × 86mm
when closed and weighs 165 g only. AT-SP250 speaker system will be available in Japan from April 18 for approximately 5,040 yen ($50).