BeoPlay H3 and BeoPlay H6 headphones from B&O PLAY change how music looks and sounds

B&O PLAY today announced the launch of two new sets of headphones that combine extraordinary sound quality with exquisite design and enable you to listen to music in a whole new way. The new BeoPlay H3 in-ear headphones and BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones are made with state of the art technology to make your music sound better wherever you go. BeoPlay H3 is a superior and comfortable in-ear headphone for people in action. BeoPlay H6 is a super soft, flexible over-ear headphone designed with the finest materials and with a sound performance that takes audio to another level. Danish industrial designer, Jakob Wagner, and B&O PLAY have shaped BeoPlay H3 and H6.

With BeoPlay H3 and H6, each individual user gains the optimum look, fit, and comfort, along with an extraordinary sound experience. The unique sound curve of the headphones provides a clean and powerful sound that reveals all the details in the music at any given volume level. BeoPlay H3 and H6 are made of anodized high purity aluminium which makes the headphones feel light and at the same time durable and robust.
The solid cowhide leather on the BeoPlay H6 headphones comes from New Zealand. Price for H3 is EUR 249 ($324) and H6 EUR 399 ($520)and will be available from May 2013.

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