Brighton Net Super Mini Mains to USB power supply

The Brighton Net Mini AC Adaptor supplies power from household wall socket to various electronics products that source power from USB port.The Net Mini AC Adaptor Supports wide range of products like digital Audio Player, digital still camera, mobile phone, etc. The adaptor also support iPod G4/G5, 1st/2nd of generation of iPod nano, iPod mini and iPod photo. Available in white and black color, the adaptor measures 46×36.5×18.4(mm) and weighs 25g only. The swing type plug allows the AC adapter to fold itself up to carry easily with you.The Brighton Net Mini AC Adaptor supplies 5V at up to 600mA.

The super Mini USB Adapter will go for sale from March 2, 2007. Now you Power any USB device from the mains with this Brighton Net Mini AC Adaptor USB power supply that incorporates a USB output socket.