Brightonnet Crystal Case for 2nd generation iPod nano

The Brightonnet BI-2NCC series Crystal Case protects your 2nd generation iPod nano from shocks, scratches and dirt. The plastic case with hinge on the top allows for easy and quick release of the 2nd generation iPod nano. There is no need to buy special LCD protection sheet for your iPod nano as the plastic case covers and protects the LCD area. You can operate the earphones of 2nd generation iPod without taking off the case, replay music or adjust the volume and can even charge power besides turning ON/OFF of the power.

The Brightonnet BI-2NCC series Crystal Case is available in 4 colors variation: Translucent White, Black, Pink and Blue. The provided strap gives you even more mobility and you can use it comfortably during outside activities. The crystal case measures 9.4 x 5 x1 cm and weighs approximately 18.14gm.
Via – Brightonnet (Japanese)