Brightonnet Deluxe Metal, Silicon and Crystal Case for 2nd iPod shuffle

002.jpgBrightonnet Co., Ltd has launched deluxe set of metal, silicon and crystal case for 2nd iPod shuffle. The Deluxe Set of a Metal case, Silicon case and Crystal case protects 2nd iPod shuffle from scratches, shocks and dirt. The metal case is made of thin/light high quality aluminum with urethane infused inside to prevent flaw and to absorb shocks. The Silicon case perfectly fits the body of “2nd iPod shuffle” and gives excellent portability. The crystal case with high transparent rigid plastic protects your 2nd iPod shuffle from scratches. You can use earphone without taking the case and other operations such as volume adjustments and connecttion to DOCK Connector is also possible.

The case measures 1.05″ x 1.72″ x 0.31″ .The Brightonnet deluxe set comes packed with four metal cases(Silver, Black, Blue, Green and Pink), two Silicon case (Translucent white and Black) and one Crystal case.