Car FM transmitter LAT-FM300U from Logitec Corporation.

The car FM transmitter “LAT-FM300U” from Logitec Corporation supports iPod Nano and iPod Mini, as well as other MP3 player with a USB connector. The transmitter is powered by the cigar lighter socket and is available in 6 different colors. You can connect 1 inch HDD as separate USB memory (up to 4GB). The transmitter is USB 2.0 complaint and uses FAT16/32 file system. In addition to MP3 format you can play WMA files also. The bit rate for MP3 is 32~320kbps and WMA – 32~300kbps. As for transmission frequency, it is possible to select from 6 frequencies – 77.0MHz, 77.4 MHz, 77.8 MHz, 88.0MHz, 88.4 MHz and 88.8 MHz. The stereo mini plug makes it possible to connect to media players like iPod etc which is charged while playing music.

With angular adjustment possible, the transmitter measures 146×40×25.5mm and weighs 75g.The Logitec FM transmitter LAT-FM300U will be available by early August for approximately 7,980 yen($68).