Cowon 2GB flash player iAUDIO U2-2G-WH

The iAUDIO U2-2G-WH from Cowon Japan is a 2GB version of the famous 1 GB flash player iAUDIO U2 from the same Corporation. The 2GB player is available in pearl white color. The 128×64-pixel display of U2-2G-WH manages to cram in plenty of information, including artist, album, and track names; time elapsed, time remaining, and a progress bar; graphic music levels; file format and bit-rate info; the current repeat mode; and a battery-life indicator. The player’s built-in FM radio boasts an above-average 24 presets with auto scan feature. The portable audio player can playback MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV files.The player is packed with playback options like a five-band equalizer with presets for rock, jazz, classical, pop, and vocal, along with a user-defined mode, several repeat modes as well as a shuffle mode and auto resume. The built-in lithium polymer lasts approximately 20 hours when fully charged (USB charge).

Measuring just 25×18×73.8mm inches and weighing in at a mere 34g, the U2-2G-WH fits easily in a jeans pocket or around your neck using the included lanyard. The iAUDIO U2-2G-WH will be available from July 7th for 18,980 Yen ($165).