Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones with Acoustic Grille Design for an Ultra Smooth Listening Experience

Creative today announced the Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones that epitomise the peak of personal listening while on the go. Within each earphone, the Precise Balanced Armature driver is mated with an acoustic grille design for a smooth and detailed audio response complemented by punchy bass. The Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones are ultra comfortable and fit securely with soft, hypoallergenic eartips that are precisely contoured to create a secure seal that minimises sound leakage and stay in place during active pursuits. AuraSeal noise-isolation technology ensures up to 95% noise isolation, unmatched in its class. Users enjoy pure listening bliss when tuning in to their favourite tracks, especially during air travel.

The Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones come bundled with an airplane adapter and a travel case with cable management for portable convenience. The accessories kit also includes 2 sets of S, M, L size interchangeable eartips for a personalized fit and a cleaning tool for hygienic maintenance. The Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones are currently available at the online store at in Singapore at the suggested retail price of S$149.00.