Creative launches a brand new category of wireless speakers- ZiiSound Dx series

Creative today announced the launch of a brand new category of wireless speakers, the ZiiSound Dx series of pure wireless modular speakers. The Creative ZiiSound Dx series consists of the ZiiSound D5x wireless one-piece speaker, ZiiSound D3x wireless one-piece speaker and ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer. These speakers are set to redefine the home audio experience for consumers. The ZiiSound Dx series revolutionizes the home audio system. In this revolutionary new system, wireless speakers connect independently to stereo Bluetooth devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, iPad or Creative ZiiO tablet, and can also be configured so more speakers are connected wirelessly to form a multi-channel home audio system. The ZiiSound Dx series also features renowned apt-X audio technology for outstanding sound quality.

Unlike with traditional speaker systems, users will no longer need to purchase a fixed speaker configuration for a specific use in the home. Creative’s one-piece pure wireless modular speakers let users upgrade from a single speaker to a larger configuration by simply adding more speakers wirelessly.