Creative TravelSound ZEN V docking speaker system

The Creative TravelSound ZEN V is a portable high-fidelity docking speaker that is designed exclusively for the Creative ZEN V and Creative ZEN V Plus players. It allows users to listen to their music and charge their players at the same time. Data and music files can also be transferred to the player while the player is docked on the speaker. Four full-range36mm full range NeoTitanium micro drivers deliver smooth audio clarity and pristine quality sound. The Creative Wide Stereo Effect feature enables this small speaker system to produce a wider sound field giving users a greater sense of immersion and spaciousness. The Creative TravelSound ZEN V enables the user to play music continuously anywhere, never missing a beat. It can be powered with either four AA batteries which allow up to 25 hours of extended music playback, or with the bundled universal power adapter.

Packed with an extensive range of features such as dual power options, wireless infrared remote, wide stereo effect and clear FM radio reception (for ZEN V Plus only), get ready to take Creative TravelSound ZEN V outdoors and impress your friends at any party. Creative TravelSound ZEN V measures 235mm x 55mm x 135mm, weigh 755g (w/o batteries) and will be available from November 24th for US$129.00.