Digital Cowboy external battery with silicon case for iPod

The DC-PC5GBT from Digital Cowboy is an external battery with silicon case for fifth generation iPod.The case is available in two colors: – DC-PC5GBT/W white and DC-PC5GBT/B black. The iPod is connected via the dock connector to use the external battery. The silicon case cover protects the iPod from scar and dust. While a standard battery of iPod with 60GB HDD capacity runs continuous video for approximately 3 hours, DC-PC5GBT in combination with the standard battery lasts approximately for 11 hours. The LED indicator on the front shows the battery status while you have the power switch and PC connection at rear.

The2, 100mAh lithium polymer electric battery with 5.0V/470mA input charges fully in 6 hours approximately. The battery measures 52×27×112mm and weighs 116g (without silicon case) and is available for approximately 5,980 Yen ($51).
Via Digital Cowboy (Japanese)