Elecom Portable stereo speaker systems ASP-CR550P/ ASP-CR550

Elecom has launched very stylish, compact stereo speaker system ASP-CR550P for iPod and ASP-CR550 with 3.5mm stereo mini- plug for digital players and laptops. The Elecom stereo speaker systems can be used as one piece where space is a problem or as two separate left and right speakers. This clever idea makes it very easy to carry the speaker unit in style when not in use. The Elecom stereo speaker systems ASP-CR550P/ ASP-CR550 with two full range 40mm diameter speakers, 2W (1W+1W) out put are powered by alkaline batteries or AC adaptor. When using the AC power source, the iPod also gets charged.

The Elecom stereo speaker system is available in three colors-white, grey and black. The unit measures 64x57x112 mm, weighs 110 g (no battery). The Elecom iPod model ASP-CR550P is available for approximately 5,040 yen ($50) and model ASP-CR550 for 3,780 yen ($37) in Japan.