FM Transmitter with memory for iPod Nano

Brighton Net Corporation has come out with a new model of FM Transmitter with Memory for iPod nano in two colors-BI-NFM/BK (black) and BI-NFM/WH (white). The FM transmitter is connected to the car cigar lighter socket of 12/24V car. The dock connector with the FM transmitter is locked with the flexible (135mm) arm; the iPod nano can be set to any desired angle. The FM radio wave transmitted by the transmitter is played back from the car stereo. The frequency range is 76-90MHz and the blue back lit LCD display enables to verify the FM frequency while driving at night time.Upto 5 different stations can be stored in memory.

The transmitter weighs 100g with external dimensions- 50 x 18 x 40mm (width × depth × height). Priced approximately 8,800 Yen; it is available from 3rd of February.