iLUv iEP515 and iEP315 Premium Earphones- perfect match for iPhone 3GS music lovers

iLuv announced the launch of the iEP515 Premium Earphones and the iEP315 In-ear Earphones with microphone remote. The perfect match for iPhone 3GS music lovers looking for sound reproduction that closely resembles a live performance, these precision-engineered earphones are the result of meticulous attention to detail from the streamlined, ergonomic exterior to the technological mastery of the speakers inside. The iLuv iEP515 earphones not only brings the concert directly to your ears but they give you iPhone and iPod control with the option to record voice memos and answer or make calls with the built-in mic. The iLuv iEP515s also feature a VoiceOver function that allows you to hear the title and artist of the song and allows you to move between play lists for the new iPod shuffle.

The iEP315 In-ear earphones with iPod microphone remote allow you to control both your iPod and iPhone functions. These earphones also provide hands-free calling and voice memo recording options via the built-in microphone. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod nano 4th generation, iPod classic 120GB, iPod shuffle 3rd generation, the iEP515 earphones will be available in August for MSRP $59.99 and the iEP315 earphones for MSRP $29.99.