iTrip Auto FM transmitter

The iTrip Auto (GRI-IP-000055) is a FM transmitter with large-sized LCD for ipod from Griffin Technology. The large-sized liquid crystal display in the transmitter section can do frequency setting with 0.1 MHz mark. Two modes -LX mode for stereo music and mode-monaural with Pod casting/ voice memo is possible. Thanks to the back light LCD, operation can be done comfortably even in darkness such as driving at night time to enjoy music with the optimum sound quality. The iPod series compatible includes the 3/4th (photo/color) /5 generation iPod, the iPod nano, the iPod mini.The 12v cigar socket of the car supplies the power to the FM transmitter and also charges the transmitter battery.

A fuse is built in iTrip AUTO for Japanese model damage to the iPod due to over current is prevented. In addition to the Japanese domestic frequency band, the frequency band modification mode allows you to use even in United States and Europe. The iTrip Auto will be available from March for 9,980 Yen. ($ 80)