JVC Ear Canal Style Headphones

The HP-NX22 neck strap type and HP-KX22 phone ear bud headphones are the new in-ear canal style headphone which promises a comfortable fit with a soft free size earpieces made of memory foam material. The in-ear canal style and just fit earpieces also offer isolation from ambient noise and low sound leakage. The stylish HP-NX22 and HP-KX22 are available in four color variations- blue, black.pink and silver. The ear budheadphone offers the joy of powerful sound, fun and maximum comfort with a colorful and stylish design. !

Featuring 11mm diameter neodymium magnet and astounding playback frequency of 10Hz – 23 kHz and 60cm/80cm long cord, these earphones are the perfect with your favorite portable device.The JVC HP-NX22 neck strap type ear phones cost approximately 2500 Yen ($21) , HP-KX22 approximately 2400 Yen ($20) and weighs 4.2g.