JVC HA-FX300 top-end-in-ear canal headphones

JVC today announced the addition of a new high-end model to its line of in-ear canal headphones. The new JVC HA-FX300 employs a range of sound-enhancing technologies, including an aluminum evaporation diaphragm, a new internal dual-metal structure and aluminum housing. The new aluminum evaporation diaphragm used in the HA-FX300 reproduces high-frequency detail more accurately than conventional cellulose or polymer-based diaphragm designs. To further enhance performance, the headphone features JVC’s new Bi-METAL structure — the drive unit is housed in a stainless steel base wrapped in a high-specific-gravity brass ring to eliminate vibration and energy loss, enhancing performance across the frequency range. To ensure a snug, comfortable fit the headphones come with three different sized silicon rubber earpieces and a pair of memory foam earpieces for a customized fit, while at the same time delivering superior isolation from external sounds and minimizing sound leakage.

Other innovations are aluminum housings, designed to reduce resonance, and the use of OFC (oxygen-free copper) to minimize transmission loss in the 1.0 meter friction noise reduction cord. The JVC HA-FX300 also offers a plug that is compatible with Apple’s iPhone. Available in black, red and bronze color variations, the headphones come with a handy carrying case. The JVC HA-FX300 in-ear canal headphones are available immediately for $99.95.