JVC SP-A130- iPod nano-matching compact portable speaker comes in four iPod Nano matching colors

The new iPod nano-matching portable speaker JVC SP-A130 is a compact, portable speaker. The powered speaker is available in four iPod nano 5G colors. The JVC SP-A130 features two one-inch (30mm) speaker drivers each powered by 160 milliwatts. An active/passive mode switch allows the choice of powering the speaker with its own amplifier or by the connected device. The SP-A130 is powered by two AAA batteries.

The compact JVC SP-A130 is a dual driver speaker that features a sliding cover design so it remains small and easy to pack when not in use and protects the two drivers. A stand allows the speaker to be easily propped up for use.The JVC SP-A130 portable speakers are available in four iPod Nano matching colors: black, silver, pink and blue and will be available in March for $29.95.